Vintage LED bulbs for creative lighting designers

We consider the vintage light bulbs among our preferred lights as they have the best of everything. 

In fact, LED bulbs are energy savers with a life span of around 3000 hours. But at the same time, they offer a warm light that not only creates a cozy environment but is not damaging our eyes nor interfering with our health in general. 

On top of that, the vintage light bulbs are also very stylish and versatile and offer great solutions for different kinds of spaces.

For these reasons, they are the best choice for modern designers.

In many ways, the warm and soft glow of the vintage bulb offers architects and artists the opportunity to blend a functional layout with a creative and stylish atmosphere, designing the perfect space for every need. 

With the lovely comeback of the retro light, here at Amarcord we have crafted an exceptional collection of different styles of vintage lights from Filament lights to Dimmable led and many more that we will describe in more details here below. 

The Amarcord carbon filament bulbs are ideal to warm the environment and the atmosphere thanks to the intense color and filaments inside. They also function as decorative objects themselves, besides being an amazing tool to set the mood and atmosphere of the space. 

The Amber Led bulbs are also a great option for warm light, they come in different shapes and size and combine perfectly with all the different vintage lamps of our beautiful collection.

The Kitchen Masterchef, our signature bulbs combine the vintage look of the filament LED bulb with creative kitchen-related shapes. It produces a warm dimmable light of 2000  Kelvin temperature, the best solution for your kitchen.