Creative table lamps ideas

What makes our home comfortable and cozy, besides a good quality and functional furniture, is how we decorate it with little but important details.

How we place the correct lights is an important aspect of our decoration so as to brighten up dark corners and enhance every bit of our space.

Be it a private home or an industrial area, the way we distribute lighting has a huge impact on the way we feel about our spot.

It’s both about the kinds of bulbs and the design that we chose as decorative objects.

They both have an impact on our space and the way we feel about it.

Here at Amarcords, we take care of all of it, creating the most functional and efficient bulbs, to brighten our home with the best light. 

We care about your eyes as much as your style.

The table lamps that we have crafted are creative accessories that elevate our little or big space into a definite aesthetical dimension.

They are the finishing touches that add up to your ambiance, convening character and defining personality.

Our vintage creations are crafted to offer a versatile range of possibilities and used as a single object of decoration or in combination with other elements to forge the desired setting.

Among our best pieces, we are proud to present here below the best of our vintage collection: our table lamps made with hydraulic hoses to create a stylish vintage detail for your space. 

The table lamps have been crafted out of cast iron hydraulic hoses, which come in many different shapes and different neutral colors, to keep it as much natural as possible.

Cactus shaped table lamp and dimmable switch. 

It comes in black and old black, white and old white. The bulbs we use are carbon filament vintage bulbs. The carbon filaments bulbs are of the highest quality, which makes it through the 20 elements within a vortex, creating a unique light play. The combination of different shaped vintage bulbs alone makes it a great design element of decoration as well. The Vintage Edison Bulb type E27 is also another perfect match with the structure of the hydraulic hose as it is made with a high-quality antique glass, which also creates a warm and subtle glow.

The snake table lamp has a more sinuous shape instead. It’s made in cast iron hoses as well and it comes in white and dark brown, black and old white.  It perfectly combines with a vintage Edison Bulb 30W, ideal to warm the environment and the atmosphere thanks to the intense color and filaments inside. Its internal structure and the use of high-quality materials guarantee an average lifespan of 3,000 hours.

Another creative option, as an alternative to the table lamp but with similar functionality is the Lu Mino table lamp. It’s the shape of an octagonal cage in titanium color and different other versions with a rotary switch. Besides lighting up your space it provides an intricate design that will add a sophisticated feel to wherever you place them.

Last but not list you may want to have a look at our newest creation, the innovative rocky paper with a stylish rectangle lamp holder in cement and cream color.