The best use of modern pendant lighting

If you are not familiar with the swang pendant lighting, they are basically shaded or bare socket hanging from the ceiling, creating a vintage retro style that is also quite basic and therefore cheap. 

Being very popular in the 20s, they have made a resolute come back in the past few years and it looks like they will be around for some time. 


They are made of 4 basic elements:

  • The rosette
  • The cable 
  • The lamp holder
  • The bulb

The variety of options that Amarcords have for each element makes it easy to find the perfect combination to fit in any kinds of environment. 

You can make your own pendant kit or you can choose among the ones we have already assembled for you or you can ask our team to help you create your own personalized pendant lighting that suits your beautiful space.


Pendant lamps offer a variety of advantages that we are going to list here below.

1)They are very easy to install. 

It’s a kind of fixture that can be hardwired to the ceiling. They are easy and quick to install and don’t need an electrician. You just need a hook where to hang the cord and an outlet on a nearby wall where to plug in for power. 

2) They are practical and cheap

Being so easy to install they became a practical way to enlighten a space without spending too much time and money on it and at the same time without penalizing style. And there goes the next feature. 

3) They provide a versatile stylish look

It’s becoming more and more like a trend to use simple and plain hanging lights not only to provide the perfect lighting but to create a retro-chic ambiance. With the variety of colors, materials, and style that can be combined it’s never been so easy to create the style that you like, classic, modern, vintage.

4) They can fit with any bulb 

You can literally use any kind of bulb to go with your stylish pendant lighting. Check out this guide on how to choose the best light bulb.


We would like to show you some of the best pendant lightings of our brand new collection:

  • Carbon collection

The carbon products are made from recycled paper and clay completely handmade in Italy. They feature a rough texture reminiscent of lava stone, electric cable covered in fine cotton.

Characteristic of the carbon lamp holder : 2m lamp holder, E27 rockypaper pill in carbon color h 120mm l 90mm, black ceiling rose Ø 100mm h 35mm, 3×0,75 black cotton round cable.

  • Alhambra collection

Also the products from the Alhambra collection made from recycled paper and clay, completely handmade in Italy.

The cream-colored rough features are reminiscent of raw cement, the electric cables are covered in cotton and fine linen for an elegant look. 

Alhambra pendant characteristic:

2m lamp holder, E27 rockypaper rectangle lamp holder in cement cream color h 100mm l 105mm, black ceiling rose Ø 100mm h 35mm, 3×0.75 canvas beige round cable

Also, our Concrete collection is made out of recycled paper and clay, completely handmade in Italy. Pure touch cement, cotton covered electrical cable.

Pendant characteristic

2m lamp holder, E27 rocky paper rectangle lamp holder in cement grey color h 150mm l 105mm, black ceiling rose Ø 100mm h 35mm, 3×0.75 light gray canvas round cable

For the classic elegance lovers, we present the pendant light in marble and metal, completely handmade in Italy. The electric cables are coated in cotton and fine linen.

 These are just a few examples of our amazing new collection. Find out more here.