The best kitchen pendant lighting

One of the simplest ways to brighten up your kitchen is through pendant lights.

If well-placed and with the right choice of led bulbs, pendant lighting can provide the perfect illumination for your kitchen while gracing your space with a cool design and a stylish look.

There is a versatile option of lamps and bulbs to choose from, according to your favorite style, the kind of light you need and your taste.  

From the more discreet mini pendant lights to brightly colored pendant lamp, or specifically designed pendant lighting for kitchen islands, your options are infinite.

Pendant lights are also effective in helping you create a dramatic effect or give the illusion of a big space in a smaller room.

Pendants also come in different materials, wood, glass, steel, and even paper so as to meet every taste, needs, and budget.

In Amarcords we offer a great choice of pendant light designs for your kitchen, combining the latest modern styles with a vintage feeling. Our products are crafted with the finest material and created to suits any kind of needs and taste and yet providing the best functional features.

         Here you can find a few suggestions among our selection of kitchen pendant light fittings.

·       Porcellain coffee cup Lamp Holder  

This white coffee cup lamp holder is a creative choice that provides a warm and cozy feeling to your kitchen space.

It comes with a colored fabric cable and rosette. Its 100% copper core, the silicone sheath and the external colored fabric coating give strength and versatile flexibility to this cable, which guarantees duration and reliability over time.

You also have the option to combine different colors, matching rosettes and bulbs to create the perfect vintage lamps for your space.

·       Porcelain pendant kit canvas

For those with a minimalist taste, we have a series of mini pendant lights with colored fabric cable that comes on different tones. Its 100% copper core, the silicone sheath, and the external colored fabric coating give strength and flexibility to this cable, besides guaranteeing endurance over time.

As usual, we like to offer the option to personalize your purchase with a combination of different colors and shapes so as to create your own original design item with the finest, high-quality elements.  

·   Hanging Chandeliers

Our different pendel options offer a variety of designs and a combination of styles perfect to add an elegant touch to your fine kitchen.

They come in different colors and shapes to choose from and you can combine it with many types of cord options and a wide selection of our vintage bulbs.

This is just a hint of our extensive range of vintage kitchen pendant lighting and our team will be happy to offer their expert advice for further guidance on choosing the perfect lighting option.