Enhancing your garden ambiance with outdoor lighting

That time of the year is coming when you wish to shake off the winter gray and enjoy your patio or garden-fresh air.

And when the natural sunlight fades away and you have to turn on your artificial lights, it’s time to get practical and creative.

We are here to help you achieve the best outdoor ambiance for your needs with our outdoor led lighting with string lights.

Our variety of colors from bright to natural, white or black, both in strings and bulbs, can help you create the atmosphere that you desire, whether you want to create a warm, cozy and relaxing vibe or decking up for a party.

Exterior string lights add a lot of character and personality to your external ambiance which can be created in such a way to become like an extension of your living room if you like.  

The various combinations of our multiple strings and bulbs can, in fact, create the desired atmosphere, be it a modern minimal space or a romantic retro’ look. 

Things to consider when choosing LED garden lights

There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind when you are planning to set up your garden lighting. 

IP Ratings 

IP rated lights are ideal for gardens because they are not compromised by possible adverse weather conditions.

IP stands for Ingress Protection, and the IP number reflects the level of protection from water and solid materials that could potentially damage the light. 

It is made up of two numbers, the first of which tells you how protected the equipment is from solid objects, the second how protected it is from the water. Higher numbers mean better protection. 


You will need to decide how bright you want your space to be. 

As we have explained in this post, when you are dealing with LED lights the brightness is measured in lumens (LM).

Naturally, the higher the amount the brighter is the light.

However, since you need less energy to create the same amount of light you need to consider that, for example, a 10W LED bulb could be brighter than a traditional 40W bulb.

Translated in lumens, most standard solar LED lights will have a lumens count of between 5-10lm, while more powerful solar spotlights might be between 15-25lm.


One of the advantages of LED lighting is related to their long lifespan which could last up to 20.000 hours. 

Color temperature

Here (link)  we have talked about how the color of your lighting determines the kind of ambiance you would get.

It is the same concept for outdoor as well. White lights will create a cozy, welcoming feel, while multi-colored lighting will give your garden a more festive atmosphere.

Bear in mind that color and color temperature are two very different concepts. 

Colour temperature applies describes how ‘warm’ (yellow) or ‘cool’ (blue) the lighting is and it’s measured in Kelvins (K). 

To give you an example, a colour temperature of 2700K gives you a warm, yellowy light, ideal for creating a cosy, relaxed atmosphere, whereas a colour temperature of 4000K will produce a cooler, bluer light.

Here you can browse through our many different outdoor lighting options. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

We’ll be happy to assist.