Dimmable led

Dimmable LED bulbs are increasingly adopted in private homes and offices as well, since the advantage of choosing this kind of lighting is twofold: it is energy saver as well as an atmospheric tuner.

The right atmosphere in any given moment

The most notable point of interest when it comes to dimmable lighting is obviously the possibility it offers to modulate the light intensity accordingly with the different situations. By using the dimmable LED lighting bulbs, it is possible to get the best out of the system, i.e. the highest energy efficiency and the most refined intensity control, which means to be able to have the right light for any different moment of the day and foe every occasion.  Moreover, by splitting the load across several dimmers, it is possible to define different zones inside a single space (an open space office, a large room to be splitted in a dining room e and a living room…)

Only the best quality dimmable LED Bulbs

In choosing the bulbs to be used in a dimmable lighting system, quality comes first: the importance of quality cannot be overestimated: the output stability and the brightness range are depending on it. Today, there are many specialized companies such as Amarcords who can offer a wide choice of top class LED dimmable bulbs. When used with a dimmer specifically designed for LED lighting, dimmable LED light bulbs can offer a wide range of brightness with no instability at the lowest level of illumination, an occurrence which can happen when the dimmer is not a specific one.