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Who is Joozam?

Joozam Vintage Industries Design

Founded in 2015, Joozam comes from the idea of turning an on-line shop into a point of reference for VINTAGE design pieces and complementary furnishing, recalling industries and companies of the past.

Keeping a special eye on unique pieces and brands offering this philosophy to the market, Joozam becomes the perfect place where to buy furniture and design objects and to share new ideas with architects and professionals in the business, giving rise to their projects of Vintage Industries.

Looking at a design piece, it’s common to find it “wrong” with the environment surrounding it, because of its particular and unique aspect. Joozam wants to become the place where to find those “wrong” objects, able to transform a traditional living room into something UNIQUE.

Shopping on JOOZAM.COM will be a constant discovery, a funny and eclectic journey that will make men and women express their sense of design through the timeless creativity of Vintage Industries.