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Lampadina Vintage a Tubo - 30Watt - Diametro Ridotto Expand

Vintage tube light bulb - 30 watts - Reduced Diameter


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Vintage lamps with carbon filaments of the highest quality, which make it through the 20 elements within a vortex, creating a unique light play. Suitable for DIY lamps made of various materials such as hydraulic hoses or glass vases, given the reduced diameter. This bulb would also be ideal for environments where the lamp becomes a part of the decor and design, complimenting for example; lounges, taverns, restaurants and vintage shops.

Height220 mm
Diameter28 mm
Wattage30 Watt
Lampholder ScrewsE27 Large
FilamentsCarbon Filaments
Light PlayVortex
Tipologia Vetro Amber Glass
Luminous Fluxless than 60l m
Filament FluxVortice led - Spiral led
Energy classE