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Lampadina Incandescenza Vintage a Pannocchia - Vetro Anticato 30W Expand

Vintage Incandescent light bulb Cob shape - Antique Glass 30W


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Vintage Incandescent light bulb with carbon filaments of the highest quality, with an average life span of 3000 hours. The shape is reminiscent of  the valves of the old Radio Era, with 13 elements that create a wave of light play. This bulb  has a small diameter of 45mm, which could be used in a wall, hanging from the ceiling through an individual metal holder, or even groupped with others to create a unique light play. The 30Watt power provides a good amount of  warm and welcoming brightness.

Height110 mm
Diameter45 mm
Wattage30 Watt
Lampholder ScrewsE27 Large
FilamentsCarbon Filaments
Light PlayWave
Tipologia Vetro Amber Glass
Luminous Fluxless than 60l m
Filament FluxOnda cage
Energy classE

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