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Vintage globe bulb 80mm - Antique Glass 40W Expand

Vintage globe bulb 80mm - Antique Glass 40W


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Vintage globe bulb 40 watt, fantastic in its diameter of 120mm. With its antique glass and its 17 carbon filaments that create a unique interior play of light, they are shown to be used directly without a lampshade hanging from the ceiling, as a single or in groups to create a unique and captivating atmosphere. Amarcords only distributes bulbs that are certified, with an average life span of 3,000 hours, given the high quality of the elements that constitute it.

Height120 mm
Diameter80 mm
Wattage30 Watt
Lampholder ScrewsE27 Large
Colour Temperature2000K Warm
FilamentsCarbon Filaments
Light PlayWave
Tipologia Vetro Amber Glass
Luminous Fluxless than 60l m
Filament Fluxcage
Energy classE