What are the carbon filament bulbs?

We often talk about filament light bulbs in our blog because it’s an essential element of our collection.

That’s why we thought it would be useful to dedicate an entire article to this fantastic warm bulb and explain why It is such a demanded product and its main characteristic.  

First of all, what is a filament light bulb?

The name “filament” relates to the wires that compose the bulb and produce light, one small thin wire with two bigger wires holding it up.

In reality, and not many know it, a filament light bulb is just another way to name the original Edison light bulbs, created over 100 years ago.

These old-fashioned bulbs have made a comeback with more modern features but conserving the vintage look, so much loved by architects and designers.

Filament bulbs can be found in disguise, under other names such as Edison Bulbs, Antique Bulbs, Vintage Bulbs, Nostalgic Bulbs, Original Bulbs, Squirrel Cage Bulbs, old-fashioned bulbs, and retro bulbs.

But they all refer to the same kind of bulbs.

Obviously, creativity has no limits and manufacturers came up with all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and styles and so we did here at Amarcords. 

Among all our different bulbs we are proud to present our carbon filament bulb, which is a remake of the first practical form of the incandescent lamp.

This privileged material offers the possibility to operate at higher temperatures than any other electrical conductor that at the time could come in filamentary forms.

It’s not the case now, as there are many other materials used for filaments that allow new creative products.

However, we love the carbon filament so much for its warm glow with a color similar to candlelight and its versatile applications.

Here below we present to you a few of our models.

You can find the entire collection here.


Vintage Edison bulbs E27 Radio series, have a particular corn-shaped form, made with carbon filaments of the highest quality to create a special and unique lighting effect.

The 45mm diameter is convenient to be used in glass bowls with a small space, or slightly thick wall lamps.

With their unique and warm lighting, they are a good fit for use in many different environments the living room, the tavern, in summer porches, but also in restaurants or environments for high fashion.

They have an average life span of 3,000 hours of autonomy.


These vintage Edison Bulb have an internal carbon filaments light play. They are Ideal to warm the environment and the atmosphere thanks to the intense color and filaments inside.

The Amarcord bulbs can replace regular light bulbs at home, or be paired with our retro copper cable and socket to create unique combinations for pendant lamps with exposed bulbs.

The internal structure and the use of high-quality materials guarantee an average life of 3,000 hours.


These versatile bulbs are suitable for DIY lamps made of various materials such as hydraulic hoses or glass vases, given the reduced diameter.

The vintage tube light bulb can become a part of the decor and design for a sophisticated vintage look, in environments such as lounges, taverns, restaurants and vintage shops.


Vintage Globe Bulb can be made either with CLEAR glass to offer a higher luminous efficiency or with the original antique glass for a real retro’ look.

It’s ideal for environments where there isn’t the opportunity to look directly at the bulb so lamps with shade or semi-transparency would work best, leaving only a part of the bulb visible.

The internal structure and the use of high quality materials guarantee an average life span of 3,000 hours.