The use of colored LED bulbs

Outdoor colored bulbs

The kind of bulb you choose will have a huge impact on your ambiance, for its shape, color, style and the kind of light it produces. 

As we mentioned in this post the color of the light has the power to influence our mood. 

And so a warm light makes us calm as it stimulates the production of melatonin and makes us want to sleep, whereas cold blue and green light stimulates the production of cortisol which makes us feel more active.  

What do colored light bulbs do on us? 

The colored lights are the perfect way to make any event feel more special, and can easily be used in both commercial and residential areas. 

Decorations for holidays, birthday parties, weddings, and more special occasions are even more special with these fun colorful lights. 

Those bright colored bulbs are in fact perfect for parties and can be used for many different lighting applications. 

We have the availability of many different fun colors like pink, blue, yellow and green and in various shapes and sizes from globe-shaped bulbs to rope lights.

Our beautiful bulbs combine advanced color and technology with their colored led chipsets inside to ensure a true color effect. Ideal for covered outdoor areas. 

The bulbs can be combined with a variety of cords and accessories, or you can get the pre-packaged girlande set that comes in many different colors, including multicolored bulbs, like the ones in the pictures below. 

We guarantee great attention to safety standards and self-supporting cables, which make Amarcords outdoor a real uniqueness in the sector.