The history behind Edison bulbs

The electric light that we use every day and take for granted is a relatively new invention, just more than a century old.

The creation of the first light bulb patent is dated January 27, 1880,  and has been attributed to Thomas Edison.

However, it is not totally accurate to consider Edison the “inventor” of the electric light.

Historians claim that attempts to create the incandescent light bulbs have been made before him by at least the other 20 inventors. 

However, what Edison was able to achieve, was the creation of a bulb that could provide 1.200 hours of continuous light, after discovering that carbonized bamboo was the perfect filament substance to assure such duration. 

Who was Thomas Edison?

Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847, in Milan, Ohio.

His inquisitive mind, profound curiosity, and determination set the foundation of his success not only as an inventor but as an entrepreneur as well.

He’s mostly known for the invention of the electric bulb but not many people know that he has more than 1000 patents on his name and he is the founder of the General Electric, nowadays one of the biggest corporations, the most successful of the several companies he created. 

His first successes as an entrepreneur were from a very early age selling vegetables, candies, and newspapers on trains.

But it was while working as a telegraph operator when he became interested in communications, the starting point of many of his inventions.

His first invention was the electronic voting machine and it was patented in 1868. From there, he made patents for the motion picture camera and phonograph among others. 

The beginning of a new era 

On September 4, 1882, Edison made his first large-scale light test, and 25 buildings in the financial district of New York City were lightened up. 

That would have changed our lives forever, no more candles, lanterns or moonlight, and even the quite dangerous gas lightening, that has been introduced in the middle of the 19th century, have finally been replaced by the new electric light bulb.

Edison bulbs became rapidly adopted all over the world and, although new and more ecological alternatives have been invented ever since, it is still a popular product and widely used.

The use of Edison Bulbs nowadays

Here at Amarcords we love the Edison bulbs especially for its vintage look, charming design and the retro’ ambiance they produce. They also have other advantages:

  • Available in many different shapes and sizes, they can be combined with a variety of lamps and cords and other accessories to create the most original light equipment suitable for different kinds of ambiance and space. 
  • They are very cheap, especially if compared to just a few years ago.
  • They are easily dimmable from 0-100 and compatible with all dimmer types.

You can have a look at our wide choice of Edison Bulbs and you can count on our professional staff who will be happy to give you guidance on your bulb choice and its various combination with lamp holders, cords and switches of any material and color.