Presenting our best bulb types

The most common types of light bulbs in the market are the incandescents, the halogen, the fluorescent, the compact fluorescent bulbs, and our favorite, the more modern LED bulbs, well known for their efficiency and ecological properties.

Here below we will give you an overview of each one of the light bulb types and then we will illustrate more in detail what is our favorite choice and what options we offer at Amarcords.


Incandescent bulbs are the most common and usually the cheapest choice, although we will explain here below how in the long run the LED bulbs are actually more cost-effective. Although they are good for illuminating small spaces, incandescent bulbs have lower life span compared to other types of bulbs and they are not energy efficient. In Europe, they have in fact been banned for that same reason. On their side is the warm light they produce which is quite appealing to most. 


Halogen bulbs are a variation of incandescent bulbs, although their light, called white light, is more natural, and it can be dimmed. They are a little more efficient than the incandescent bulbs but they burn at a higher temperature and they are not cheap. 

Fluorescent bulbs 

The fluorescent bulbs produce a flat and colder light sometimes they even create a bluish tone and cannot be dimmed. You can find many types of fluorescents bulbs from warm to cooler or even colored. They are more efficient when used in large areas as they produce more light and last longer than the incandescent bulbs.

Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)

The compact fluorescent bulbs are the more efficient version of the common fluorescent ones as they consume a quarter of the energy that incandescent bulbs do and last 10 times longer. They have been extensively used before the LED was born because of their energy-efficient properties. However, there has been some debate about their safety. According to some research results, CFL bulbs are dangerous to our health for a number of reasons, among which: they can be the cause of fatigue, headaches, anxiety, loss of concentration and sleep disorders. They also contain mercury which is not an environmentally friendly element. 


LED bulbs are the new kids on the block and have been very well received by the consumer, for their efficiency, and health-friendly properties for us and our environment.

They appear a little more expensive but they are actually much more cost-effective than the other bulbs in the long run.

They have a life span of around 3000 hours and they are known to be environmentally friendly. 

The kind of light they produce is generally warm.

The advantages they bring make the extra spend totally worth it. 

What type of bulb do we offer at Amarcords?

We love to match functionality with style and this is why we strive to offer the best quality bulbs and the most creative and original design. 

We believe that the best light bulb types not only offer an efficient and eye-friendly light but also contribute to creating a harmonic and pleasant space where we live in, play and work.

Here we will share with you the most stylish lights that we have created with different types of led bulbs, for us one of the best light bulb types. 


Our signature bulbs feature the kitchen MasterChef logo, high-quality material, warm light, and a stylish look. Specifically designed to embellish your kitchen space and make cooking more fun. 


They come in different shapes and style and can be combined with a variety of cords and sockets to create your own desired lighting.  


You can choose among a variety of style and shapes and combine them with different cords color and socket styles. Designed to create a cozy and warm ambiance either for a vintage home or a modern office. 


The Amber LED is one of our favorite LEDs as it provides a warm light suitable for every kind of ambiance. The amber can use in different combinations of lamp styles and cords, like for example our creative coffee-cup pendant lamp holder.

Of course, we have many more varieties that you can find here and, should you feel overwhelmed by the number of options, worry not.

Our professional staff will be happy to provide their expertise and help you to choose the perfect light bulb for your space.