Comparing LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs are becoming more and more popular these days.

They are in fact energy-saving and longlasting. But this is not all. You can also find a variety of LED light bulbs that differ in style and, most of all, in the color of their light, both characteristics that have a huge impact on the ambiance of your space.

Here we will give you an overview of the main differences among LED bulbs, hoping to help you choose the right fit for your environment. 

Comparing LED light bulbs for their color

If style provides the look, it has been proved that the color of the light has the power to influence our mood. 

In particular, an amber, warm light makes us calm as it stimulates the production of melatonin and makes us want to sleep, whereas cold blue and green light stimulate the production of cortisol which makes us feel more active.  

This is an aspect that should be kept in mind when choosing a LED light bulb for our rooms. 

Comparing standard and dimmable LED light bulbs 

As we explained in detail in this post,  LED light bulbs can be dimmable or not dimmable. If you have a dimmable circuit and you want to switch to LED light bulbs you need to make sure they are compatible with your switch or be ready to change it. 

Comparing LED bulbs for their Wattage

For LED bulbs, it is actually more accurate to express the level of brightness in lumens instead of watts, because LED light bulbs need less power to create the same amount of light. 

For example, to produce the brightness of 40W in the incandescent bulb, which is about 450 lumens, you will need a LED Llight bulb of 6-8 W. So chose your intensity of brightness accordingly. 

Comparing LED bulb by style

Last but not least, by all means, we are now talking about style, where we are master. We all know that the right LED bulb will brighten up our space and create the perfect ambiance, but not only in terms of light. 

A simple bulb can be the perfect detail that makes a difference in the entire design of our space. 

This is why we have created a variety of shapes forms and colors to fit your design choice and make your ambiance look cool and snazzy. Here below we will offer you some suggestions among our best selection of LED light bulbs. 


Vintage Edison bulb with carbon filament light play. 

These bulbs, with their amber glass and soft white color of 2000K, is ideal to warm the environment and the atmosphere thanks to the intense color and filaments inside. 

It can easily replace your luminescent bulbs at home and have no compatibility issues with a dimmable switch. It has been crafted with high-quality materials that guarantee an average life span of 3,000 hours.


These fancy and stylish bulbs are ideal for your kitchen area as they are crafted with kitchenware shaped filaments. They come either in one piece bulb alone or with ceiling pendant with 2mt red cable, or black, vintage old copper lamp holder E27, and ceiling rose.  Other details:150 lumens, warm light 2000 Kelvin, dimmable.


These 2000K warm bulbs are characterized by the smoky effect glass and come in different shapes, and with various kinds of filaments, brightness levels and sizes. 


The Amber LED bulbs are vintage lights with a high energy-saving level. They come in different shapes that recall the old Edison bulbs, ideal to create a warm and soft atmosphere in your environment thanks to the intense color of the LED internal filaments.  Their life-span can reach the 30,000 hours thanks to the high-quality material used. These amber LED light bulbs, just like all the Amarcords lights, can be combined with many different kinds of lamps, with our colored cables or the retro-chic copper lamp holders, crafting creative pieces of furniture that also brighten up your space. 


The perfect replacement for your old luminescent bulbs. They are plain and simple but with a more modern design and fancy look. The clear glass bulbs come in different shapes as well and produce a nice warm 3000k light. 

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