Are LED bulbs dimmable?

The answer is not that simple.

LED bulbs are becoming more and more popular for their energy-saving and cost-effective characteristics and other advantages.

However, if you are switching from incandescent lamps to a LED bulbs and you want it dimmable, you need to know that not all the LED bulbs are dimmable and not all the dimmable LED bulbs are compatible with all dimmable switches.

Before switching to dimmable LED bulbs, there are a few things you should know:

  • When dimming an LED you may notice that they provide a smaller amount of dimming range which is from 70 to 90% versus the 100% that you would have with an incandescent light
  • Turning off the dim setting at its lowest, will not shut off the light, most of the times.  This happens because an LED consumes such a small amount of wattage that the dimmer thinks the light is totally off when it’s just very low.
  • Sometimes you may face two issues when switching to dimmable LED bulbs:
    • The bulbs can flicker either when the light is at its brightest or when the lamp is dimmed very low.
    • You could hear either a buzz or a hum from the dimmer itself, which is a sign that the LED bulb is incompatible with the dimmer or vice versa.

What to do in order to have dimmable LED bulbs?

There are different ways to go about it. Here some tips that we hope are useful and will help you with your purchase.

1) Pay attention to the LED bulb you are purchasing.

The tricky part is that even if the LED bulb package says that the LED is dimmable it doesn’t say for which kind of switch.

In fact, although it seems off, but not all dimmable switches are compatible with all dimmable LED bulbs.

A good manufacturer would be able to provide a list of the compatible switches for the dimmable LED bulb you wish to purchase.

2) Change your circuit

Upgrading your dimming circuit with dimmers that are of good quality and specifically designed for LED bulbs, could be an optimal option and a great long term investment.

3) Change your switch

If you are not using the dimmable switch much and you are not particularly interested in it, you could easily change it from dimmable to non-dimmable.  Keep in mind that dimmable bulbs will work with non-dimming circuits but non-dimmable bulbs won’t work in dimming circuits.

4) Invest in solid brands

Invest in brands that can guarantee high-quality dimming chips – like Integral LED. It might be a little more expensive but it’s definitely worth the investment in the long run and for a good quality light.

5) Seek help in a good electrician

Is it possible to find a solution installing a multiple voltage transformer which allows any low voltage LED product to work with your already existing dimmer. No rewiring will be necessary.

At Amarcords we offer an array of stylish dimmable LED bulbs that suit many different ambiances. On this page, you can check out our available options. If you need assistance, please contact us and we are more than happy to help you choose the perfect dimmable LED and making sure it’s compatible with your type of circuit.